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The Northwest Scots Honor Guard is a 501-C-3 community service organization. Tax-exempt contributions to the NWSHG are used to offset the cost of printing the quarterly newsletter, replacement of damaged equipment, and provide for awards and charitable contributions to organizations or individuals deemed worthy by the organization.

Donors will be provided a receipt for tax records.

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We are welcoming and inclusive of all who wish to serve in the Northwest Scots Honor Guard, regardless of gender, race, nationality, creed, or ethnicity. The only stipulations of membership are that persons must be citizens of good standing in their community and agree to payment of the annual membership dues. Volunteer work is encouraged, but we are respectful of time, skills, and availability. The benefits of membership include the quarterly newsletter, informative quarterly gatherings for business, entertainment, and presentations of Scottish cultural or historical significance, the annual Christmas dinner, and the possibility of learning more about your Celtic heritage with the assistance of our resident genealogist. Come join the fun.


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